The Salvation Army crest shows a lot about the belief of Salvationists.

Like any other army, the Salvation Army has its own badges, flags, uniforms and symbols. Each part reminds the Salvationist of what it means to be a Christian.

The 'S' in the centre stands for salvation, which means that Christians believe that Jesus has saved them from death and gives them life for ever in Heaven.


The swords show that they are fighting against wrong.

The dots show the truths from the gospel that Salvationists believe in.

The sun around the edge shows the light and fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Salvation Army motto, Blood and Fire, is also on the crest.


The cross is a reminder that people can only be saved because Jesus gave his life for them on a cross.

The crown at the top shows the reward they get in Heaven for loving and helping God.

The colours, red, blue and yellow are also important.


The Salvation Army crest can be seen in many places:

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