These children are acting out jobs a mother from Ethiopia does everyday.

The children's talk happens during the service before the children go to Junior Church. A children's talk has to be simple enough for even the youngest children to learn more about God.

Here we can see Gill, talking to the children. She always uses children to help her. They are acting out some of the jobs that a woman from Ethiopia has to do every day.


As it was Mothering Sunday, Gill used information from Tear Fund (a Christian relief and mission organisation) to talk about an Ethiopian mother.

Ababach has five children, and her husband works as a farmer. She gets up at 6 a.m. to cook, fetch water and collect firewood. Tear Fund helps mothers like Ababach by providing them with clean safe water and lending money to start small businesses.

The cover of a leaflet from Tear Fund informing people about the poor conditions of women throughout the world.
Tonay talks to children about journeys.

In the following Sunday service, Tony talks about preparing for a journey by taking the right things. The children can be seen with a water bottle, torches, and a mobile phone. He said that people also need the right things for the Christian journey through life, for example, the Bible and prayer.



Children's talk video clip

Find out about the children's talk in the Salvation Army citadel





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